Ambien- what about their dosage instructions?

Ambien is the medicine which is prescribed by your doctor to treat insomnia and sleeping disorder. It is the medication which you can’t take until your doctor doesn’t prescribe you to take, if you take it then you will face so many side effects which may be severe.

The medication comes in different forms as like tablets and any other form. You will take that form which you take easily. A person takes the medication in the form of the tablet then it is available of 5 mg and 10 mg.  First, your doctor starts your dosage at lower because they want to know that how you will respond to that medication.

If the medicine is taken by women, then dosage is lower than the men. Several rules are there which you should follow when you are going to take the first dosage of the medication.

  • Don’t crush, chew and divide your medicine. Swallow the tablet of generic Ambien whole.
  • Don’t take medicine with and after taking the meal.
  • If you want to get the full rest, then take medicine before going to bed.
  • When you take Ambien then at least for 7-8 hours, you don’t have to do any activities which require the mental alertness and coordination.
  • Don’t take Ambien with the water.
  • When you take Ambien at the bed the place it on your tongue and allow it to break, at that time, don’t swallow the whole.

If take too much dosage


An overdose of the medicine can be risky for the users because it causes the side effects which become severe if you don’t take the proper treatment for that. If you think that you took the high and overdose of the medicine, then you need the immediate medical attention and get the proper treatment.

There are some symptoms which you face if you take the overdose of the medication:-

  • extreme drowsiness
  • breathing problems
  • coma
  • weak heart function


The missed dosage of ambien


If you forget to take the medication, then you should take medicine as soon as you remember. If the time is gone for that dosage, then you should skip that instead of taking the extra dosage of ambien. If you take the extra dosage of the medicine to cover up your missed dosage, then you will face some severe side effects.

Finally, these are some information about the dosage of the ambien. It is beneficial for you, and you take the medication without facing any adverse effects of it.