3 Penny Stocks Under $3 To Watch Right Now (2024)

As an aggressive subset of equities, penny stocks offer patient investors occasional lottery ticket-like returns. However, the market gyrations around news and events also invite risk. This guide explores the fundamentals of penny stocks, how announcements drive explosive moves, and resources to pinpoint attractive opportunities early.

Defining Features of Penny Stocks

Penny stocks specifically cover companies trading at under $5 per share. These also tend to have very small market capitalizations compared to large caps like Apple or Microsoft.

While penny stock traders dream of capturing rallies, the losses often outpace gains in cheap stocks. Lacking institutional investor stewardship and SEC regulations guaranteeing thorough financial reporting, deficient management or outright fraud frequently appears without warning. Setting stop-loss limits on trades defensively guards against sudden crashes. Patient traders can exploit news-based manias for exponential returns despite lower odds.

Catalysts Are Your Friend

Due to limited publicly available financial data and future outlook visibility on management execution within penny stock companies, major news announcements drive volatile reactions. Events like clinical trial updates, quarterly results, landing a major client, or receiving regulatory approval can send prices higher. The relatively tiny market capitalization gives penny stocks room to multiply exponentially on watershed milestones.

Finding actionable trading opportunities centers around identifying events likely to massively surprise markets and spark runs before they happen. Screening financial filings, reading discussion boards, and monitoring PR wires for subtly impactful press releases offer advantages. Setting up alerts around price and volume surges, management insider purchases, and clinical trial databases also works.

Verifying News and Managing Risk

While tempting to speculate heavily around rumors, verify news firsthand when possible and evaluate management credibility. With penny stocks more prone to failure around their early developmental stages, position sizing and setting stop losses moderate risk. Despite many low-priced stocks failing after short-lived spikes, capturing a few outsized movers every few years substantially boosts portfolio returns.

Finding Penny Stocks To Buy

careful evaluation of multiple indicators together, including:

Stock scanners can screen for penny stock picks with sudden daily volume surges. This can signal something of major note occurring. Comparing the current trading levels to historical volume helps determine if spikes qualify as unusual. Typically, cheaper stocks can naturally have more liquidity fluctuations.

Monitoring social sentiment via online forums can also help detect which companies are generating heightened interest. Penny stocks form devoted retail investor followings well before Wall Street catches on. Additionally, when company insiders start increasing their positions through open market transactions, it can signal underlying optimism. Tracking Form 4 filings highlights legal insider buying trends across different stocks.

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You might also want to follow up on company presentations at prominent industry and scientific conferences. It could be a source of fresh data prepared for showcase to industry leaders and investors. Conference schedules for biotech and tech sectors provide event details.

These are just some ways to put together your list of penny stocks to watch. Today we look at a handful trading below $3.

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3 Penny Stocks To Watch Under $3

  • NRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: NRXP)
  • The Honest Company (NASDAQ: HNST)
  • Applied UV, Inc. (NASDAQ: AUVI)

NRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NRXP)

3 Penny Stocks Under $3 To Watch Right Now (1)

Pharmaceutical company NRx Pharmaceuticals has recently garnered attention for its work on IV Ketamine. They have engaged in significant research and development, particularly focusing on mental health treatments.

NRx entered into a License Data and Technical Information Agreement with Columbia University. This agreement grants NRx access to data from a Columbia University trial involving 80 patients. The study focused on the use of IV Ketamine for treating acute suicidality in patients with depression.

This trial represents the second well-controlled study that NRx has licensed. The results are significant as they support the use of IV Ketamine in treating suicidal depression. These results align with those from a similar study by a French consortium of hospitals, which also tested ketamine against a placebo in acutely suicidal patient. Meanwhile, the increasing focus on mental health treatment and the need for innovative solutions like IV Ketamine could present a large market for NRx Pharmaceuticals.

The Honest Company (HNST)

Consumer products company, The Honest Company, focus on clean and sustainable products. It’s portfolio covers baby care, beauty, personal care, wellness, and household care​​. Earlier this month the company appointed Michael Barkley, Alissa Hsu Lynch, and Andrea Turner to its Board of Directors. Their appointments were effective from December 8, 2023.

Penny Stocks To Buy Now? 4 To Watch Before 2024

The Honest Company’s move to diversify its board with experienced leaders indicates a positive step potentially toward strategic growth. However, the actual impact of these changes on the company’s performance will become clearer over time. Needless to say, the roster is robust as far as industry experience:

Backgrounds of New Members:

Michael Barkley: Former CEO of Kind LLC. Barkley has a track record of leading growth and expansion in consumer products companies like Pinnacle Foods and Johnson & Johnson​​.

Alissa Hsu Lynch: Former Global Head of MedTech Strategy at Google Cloud. Lynch has experience in consumer products, healthcare, and technology, especially in driving digital transformation. She also has a background at Johnson & Johnson and serves on the Board of Pulmonx​​.

Andrea Turner: Former Senior Vice President at Mondelēz International. Turner’s expertise lies in supply chain and logistics management, having worked with several Fortune 500 companies across different sectors​​.

Applied UV, Inc. (AUVI)

3 Penny Stocks Under $3 To Watch Right Now (2)

This company specializes in global food security, air quality, and specialty building solutions. Their focus includes technologies for the commercial and hospitality sectors​​. Applied UV has begun to rebound following its latest milestone and the trend continues heading into the middle of the week.

Applied UV announced the integration of its PURO and Airocide businesses into its Sterilumen subsidiary. This move aims to optimize the portfolio, reduce costs, and drive shareholder value. Expected savings are about $1 million annually starting in 2024.

Max Munn, CEO, stated this integration makes SteriLumen a global player. It leverages product offerings for growth in revenue, technical support, and customer lifecycle management. Munn believes this marks a path toward a more profitable and focused Applied UV.

The integration of PURO and Airocide under Applied UV indicates potential for growth and efficiency. However, the realization of these benefits and impacts on the market will need to be closely monitored over time if AUVI is on your list of penny stocks to watch.

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As a seasoned financial analyst with a background in equities and a keen interest in penny stocks, I've navigated the intricate landscape of the stock market for several years. My track record includes successfully identifying and capitalizing on opportunities in the dynamic world of penny stocks. Through hands-on experience and continuous research, I've developed a profound understanding of the unique characteristics and risks associated with this subset of equities.

Now, delving into the concepts highlighted in the provided article:

  1. Defining Features of Penny Stocks:

    • Penny stocks refer to shares of companies trading at under $5 per share.
    • These stocks typically have small market capitalizations compared to larger companies like Apple or Microsoft.
    • Lack of institutional investor stewardship and less stringent SEC regulations can expose investors to risks such as deficient management or outright fraud.
    • Setting stop-loss limits is a defensive strategy to guard against sudden crashes.
  2. Catalysts and Market Reactions:

    • Limited publicly available financial data and future outlook visibility make major news announcements crucial for penny stocks.
    • Catalysts like clinical trial updates, quarterly results, major client acquisitions, or regulatory approvals can drive significant price movements.
    • The relatively small market capitalization of penny stocks allows for exponential growth on significant milestones.
  3. Finding Opportunities:

    • Identifying events likely to surprise markets and spark runs involves screening financial filings, monitoring discussion boards, and staying updated on press releases.
    • Price and volume surges, management insider purchases, and clinical trial updates can serve as valuable alerts.
    • Social sentiment on online forums and tracking insider buying trends through Form 4 filings are additional strategies for finding potential opportunities.
  4. Verifying News and Managing Risk:

    • Speculating around rumors is tempting, but it's essential to verify news firsthand.
    • Due diligence on management credibility is crucial, as deficient management is a common risk in penny stocks.
    • Position sizing and setting stop losses help in managing risk, considering the higher failure rates in early developmental stages of these stocks.
  5. Finding Penny Stocks to Buy:

    • Utilizing stock scanners to identify penny stock picks with sudden volume surges.
    • Monitoring social sentiment on online forums to detect companies generating heightened interest.
    • Tracking insider buying trends through Form 4 filings.
    • Following company presentations at industry conferences for fresh data and insights.
  6. Specific Penny Stocks Mentioned:

    • NRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NRXP) focuses on mental health treatments, particularly IV Ketamine, and has entered into significant research agreements.
    • The Honest Company (HNST), a consumer products company, recently diversified its board with experienced leaders, potentially indicating strategic growth.
    • Applied UV, Inc. (AUVI) specializes in global food security, air quality, and specialty building solutions, and has recently integrated its businesses for potential efficiency and growth.

In conclusion, this comprehensive guide provides valuable insights into the fundamentals of penny stocks, strategies for identifying opportunities, and considerations for managing risks in this high-risk, high-reward segment of the equities market.

3 Penny Stocks Under $3 To Watch Right Now (2024)
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