Diversification Reduces The Risk Of A Portfolio Because? (2024)

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Diversification reduces the risk of a portfolio because different investments can rise and fall independently of each other.

Divide your money among a number of assets to achieve diversification. Because different investments can rise and fall independently of one another, diversification helps to lower risk. The pairings of these assets more often than not will cancel out each other's volatility, hence lowering risk.

What is diversification and what does it reduce in a portfolio?

Spreading your investments out will limit your exposure to any one form of asset. This approach is known as diversification. This routine is intended to gradually lessen the volatility of your portfolio.

What is diversification of risk?

The process of investing across various markets and subcategories within a single portfolio is known as risk diversification.

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At month-end, cost of merchandise sold is $192,150 and gross profit is $168,190. determine sales for the month.
a. $360,340
b. $23,960
c. $168,190
d. none of these choices are correct.


At month-end, the cost of merchandise sold is $192,150 and gross profit is $168,190. the sales for the month are option (d), none of these choices are correct.

All direct costs and expenses incurred in manufacturing or delivering your goods and services are referred to as the cost of goods sold. It excludes indirect expenses like staff pay, advertising, and marketing.

The total amount of money your business makes from the selling of its goods or services is known as revenue. It makes it evident how much revenue you're generating from all of your sales. It excludes operating expenses for your company, such as taxes, interest, and depreciation.

The money remaining from the sale of your goods or services after operating costs incurred to produce them are subtracted is measured by the gross profit margin calculation. The cost of goods soldis subtracted from total revenues to determine gross profit.

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Shareholders exercise ownership control through the power of their votes. Group of answer choices False True


True, Shareholders exercise ownership control through the power of their votes.

What is Shareholder Ownership ?

Common shareholders are part of the owners of a corporation, they have bought some shares or stocks of the corporation either through public offerings or the the Stock markets.

As part of the owners of a corporation, common stock holders have certain rights except otherwise stated in the agreement.

The right to vote during the general meeting to decide how the leadership of the corporation will be. The right to share in the profits of the corporation. Common shareholders are notified before issuance of new stock.They have some degree of control over the management selection process etc.

A corporation is owned by it's shareholders as a group. Each shareholder holds a proportion of the share capital of a corporate and has voting rights in proportion of his shareholdings.

Therefore , we can conclude that the statement is TRUE.

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In a small group, which type of roles often involve seeking, processing, and evaluating information?


The individual role frequently makes the group process problematic. When playing individual role, group members prioritize their own needs and interests over the needs of the group. As a result, they frequently exhibit traits like negativity, aggression, or endless laughter.

Different groups can produce positive, neutral, or negative experiences depending on their qualities, functions, and goals. Small groups typically concentrate on some form of task completion or goal attainment, but our interpersonal relationships largely focus on relationship building.

Examples of tiny groups that would each have a particular size, structure, identity, and interaction style include a campaign team for a state senator, a community of local organic farmers, and a college learning community focused on math and science.

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What happens when an appraiser determines a property’s value to be less than the pre-approved loan amount?


When an appraiser determines a property’s value to be less than the pre-approved loan amount then most buyers will have an appraisal contingency, so they can go back and get a serious money back.

An appraisal is an unbiased professional opinion on the value of a home and is used whenever a mortgage involves the purchase, refinance, or sale of that property.

A qualified appraiser generates a report based on direct inspection, using recent sales of similar properties, current market trends, and aspects of the home (e.g.: amenities, floor plans, square footage, etc.) square feet) to determine the assessed value of the property. Borrowers typically pay due diligence fees, which can run up to several hundred dollars.

When the appraised value is lower than expected, the transaction may be delayed or even canceled. Almost all mortgage applications require the lender to appraise the home as part of the underwriting process. Ideally, the lender wants to see the appraised value equal to or greater than the price agreed upon by the buyer and seller, but sometimes the appraised price is lower. In these situations, the buyer and seller must come to a mutually beneficial solution to ensure the transaction goes through.

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An entity that seeks to earn a profit by providing a good or service is known as a(n)?


An entity that seeks to earn a profit by providing a good or service is known as a business.

See the explanation below

What is the concept of a business?

Simply put, a business is any enterprise established with the aim of making money or profit. A business can sell goods or provide services to customers or clients, although a business can operate for a long without making profits.

However, a point will come when there is no loss and no gain, this is when the business is said to have broken even.

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Mingles, inc. concentrates its efforts on its target market of 18- to 25-year-olds. it is using a(n) __________ strategy


Mingles, inc. concentrates its efforts on its target market of 18- to 25-year-olds. it is using a Focus strategy.

What is a focus strategy?

A focus strategy is a way to create, advertise, and sell goods to a certain niche market, which could be a particular customer group, product line, or geographic region. A focus strategy would be centered on the development of marketing strategies for your business while attempting to forge new connections with your target market.

Why is the focus strategy used?

Focus is a tactic that allows a business to control a niche. Your business focuses on a specific area of the market through the use of a focus strategy. Businesses that use a focused approach are aware of the dynamics and particular client requirements of their market niche.

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If a nondiscriminating imperfectly competitive firm is selling its 80th unit of output for $40, its marginal revenue:_____.


If a nondiscriminating imperfectly competitive firm is selling its 80th unit of output for $40, its marginal revenue: will be less than $40

To calculate the marginal revenue, a corporation divides the trade in its general sales via the trade of its total output amount. Marginal sales are equal to the selling rate of an unmarried additional object that becomes bought. beneath is the marginal sales formula: Marginal sales = trade in revenue/alternate in amount.

The marginal price of production and marginal revenue are economic measures used to decide the amount of output and the charge in line with a unit of a product that will maximize earnings

Marginal revenue is the additional profits generated from the sale of 1 extra unit of a great or provider. it can be calculated by evaluating the full revenue generated from a given wide variety of income (e.g. 11 devices), and the total sales generated from selling one more unit (i.e. 12 gadgets)

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If you believe your supervisor at your work setting is forcing you to act in what you consider to be an unethical manner, you should Group of answer choices


If you believe your supervisor in your work setting is forcing you to act in what you consider to be an unethical manner, you should try to work with your supervisor to resolve the problem.

If you have a moral query and you are having a problem you make a decision, you should talk over it with colleagues. in case you believe some other counselor is behaving in an unethical way, the primary stuff you should do is discuss the matter with the counselor and attempt to get him or her to change their conduct.

Whilst a counselor who is running beneath supervision shares exclusive facts about customers along with her or his manager: that is suitable conduct due to the fact the supervisor desires the data so that it will supervise effectively.

Whilst counseling a customer from a racial, ethnic, or cultural group one-of-a-kind from the counselor's, it's far essential for the counselor to understand that: despite the fact that positive corporations percentage comparable trends or ideals, every person is unique and may not be like maximum others from his or her organization.

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Undercapitalization refers to the problem of: Group of answer choices insufficient funds to operate a business normally. inadequate control of expenses. inappropriate cash flows. undervalued capital stock.


Insufficient funds to operate a business normally.

Undercapitalization refers to the problem of insufficient funds to operate a business normally.

What is undercapitalization?

When a business lacks the money necessary to carry out routine operations and make creditor payments, undercapitalization occurs. This may happen if a company's cash flow is insufficient or if it is unable to obtain financing through debt or equity.

Additionally, undercapitalized businesses are more likely to favor high-cost capital sources like short-term loans over low-cost alternatives like equity or long-term debt. Investors should exercise caution if a company is undercapitalized since the likelihood of bankruptcy rises when a company is unable to pay its debts in full.

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Stephan's dream is to own his own hair styling salon. Which educational path
will help him realize that goal?
OA. A 900 hour certificate course at an electrical college.
B. A two-year degree at a state college.
C. A 1,200 hour certificate course at a beauty college.
OD. A four-year humanities degree at a state college.


The educational path that will help him realize that goal is: C. 1,200 hour certificate course at a beauty college.

What is goals?

Goals can be defined as what a person have the plan to achieve and work towards achieving the set goals.

If his dream was to have his own hair styling salon, 1,200 hour certificate course at a beauty college will be the best choice as it is the educational path that will enable him to achieve his set goal.

Therefore the correct option is c.

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The ability to muster additional crews when all ambulances are on call or when a system’s resources are taxed by a multiple-casualty incident is:________


The ability to muster additional crews when all ambulances are on call or when a system’s resources are taxed by a multiple-casualty incident is reserve capacity.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Office of Emergency Medical Services has established the NEMSIS dataset as a public service, a collection of EMS-related data voluntarily reported by participating EMS agencies and states.

Ideal deployment decisions to consider include past community responses and projected demographic changes. In communities that do not have multiple strategically placed stations, ambulances are often used to wait for calls at specific high-traffic locations.

Most car accidents involving ambulances occur in dry weather during the day. Most car accidents involving ambulances occur in dry weather during the day.

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How can one profit through arbitrage if the dollar per euro exchange rate in london is $2 per pound while in new york is $1. 95 per pound?


Buy pounds in New York and sell them in London. This will make a profit of $0.05 per pound.

Problem-solving is the act of defining a problem; figuring out the purpose of the trouble; identifying, prioritizing, and selecting alternatives for an answer; and imposing an answer.

Problem-solving starts with identifying the issue. As an example, a trainer may need to parent out a way to improve a scholar's overall performance on a writing talent test. To do that, the instructor will overview the writing exams looking for regions for improvement.

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A property is sold for $899,999. The buyer has paid $17,000 as earnest money and is obtaining a 65% loan. Based on the information provided, how much additional cash will the buyer have to bring to the closing day?


Based on the amount that the property has sold for and the loan amount, the additional cash the buyer will bring is $297,999.65.

How much should the buyer bring?

The amount the buy should bring as additional cash is:

= 899,999 - (899,999 x 65%) - 17,000

= 899,999 - 584,999.35 - 17,000

= $297,999.65

In conclusion, the buyer should bring $297,999.65.

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The additional cash the buyer will bring on closing day is $297,999.65

What is earnest money?

Earnest money is the initial cash payment made by the buyer of a property pending when the final payment would be requested on the closing day.

In this case, the total amount payable by the buyer comprises of the earnest money , 65% of the property price borrowed and finally the additional cash required on closing day.

property price=earnest money+(65%*property price)+additional cash

property price=$899,999

earnest money=$17,000

65%*property price=65%* $899,999

65%*property price=$584,999.35

additional cash=unknown=X



X=additional cash= $297,999.65

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Jackson's nominal income is $50,000 per year in Lakeview where the cost-of-living index is 200. Jackson is considering accepting a similar job and relocating to Beachland where the cost-of- living index is 210. For Jackson's income to have the same purchasing power in Beachland as $50,000 has in Lakeview, Jackson's nominal income per year in Beachland must equal:


Jackson's nominal income per year in Beachland is mathematically given as


What is ?

Generally, the equation for Real Income is mathematically given as




In conclusion, The nominal income will be

[tex]Real income=\frac{nR}{210}[/tex]





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For Jackson's income to have the same purchasing power in Beachland as $50,000 has in Lakeview, Jackson's nominal income per year in Beachland must equal $52,500.

What is the nominal income?

The nominal income represents Jackson's income without adjustment for inflation.

The nominal income can be compared from place to place based on the cost-of-living indices in the two places.

Data and Calculations:

Lakeview Beachland

Nominal income $50,000 ?

Cost-of-living index 200 210

Nominal income in Beachland = $52,500 ($50,000 x 210/200)

Thus, Jackson needs a nominal income of $52,500 in Beachland to have the same purchasing power as in Lakeview.

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Tyler works as a senior customer service associate at a large financial services firm. When the stock market closes each day, he is responsible for entering the closing prices of funds and processing withdrawals. These responsibilities would likely be considered as


Tyler is employed by a sizable financial services company as a senior customer service associate. He is in charge of entering the closing values of funds and executing withdrawals each day when the stock market closes. These duties would probably be regarded asroutine task performance.

Routine task performance

Routine task performance involves well-known reactions to demands that come up normally, routinely, or in another predictable fashion. For routine-cognitive activities, routine task input is most prevalent in either clerical vocations or in jobs such as machine operators or assembly workers (for routine- manual tasks). 27 Each task is rated from one to 10, with ten denoting the task that is most frequently performed in this occupation. 28 We tested with a few somewhat different classification schemes.

The average of "Set Limits, Tolerances, or Standards" (routine cognitive tasks), which measures adaptability to situations requiring the precise attainment of set limits, tolerances, or standards, and "Finger Dexterity" (routine manual tasks), which measures ability to move fingers and manipulate small objects with fingers quickly or accurately.

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Dima called her friend to tell her that she saved 30% on her new skirt at a discount store. Her friend told her that she could have gotten a better deal at a different store that was advertising a sale of One-third off all clothing. If the original price of Dima’s skirt was $54, how much more could she have saved at the store her friend suggested?
A. $1.11
B. $1.80
C. $36.00
D. $37.80


If the original price of Dima’s skirt was $54, the amount that she have saved at the store was option(b)i.e, $1.80.

Let's just take the sales price of the skirt Dima purchased from the discount shop as the rate of the other retailer is not provided.

Original price: $54

Discount rate: 30%

$54 x 30% = $16.20 value of the discount

$54 - 16.20 = $37.80 discounted price.

Since Dima's friend told her she could have had a better deal at a different store, this means that the discount rate is higher than 30%. i.e, the discount is 33.33%

$54 x 33.33% = $17.99 value of the discount

$54 - 17.99 = $36.00 discounted price.

Discount store: $37.80

Different store: $36.00

The different store sales price is cheaper by $1.80

Therefore, she could have saved $1.80 at the store her friend suggested.

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Suppose that a firm produces wool jackets in a monopolistically competitive market. The following graph shows its demand curve, marginal revenue (MR) curve, marginal cost (MC) curve, and average total cost (ATC) curve.


Because the market depicted above is a monopolistically competitive market, it is easy to see that there is is a long run equilibrium situation because the price is equal to the Average Total Cost curve for each firm, where the quantity is optimal.

What is a monopolistically competitive market?

Monopolistic competition is a market system in which numerous enterprises exist in an industry and create similar but distinct products.

None of the firms has a monopoly, and each company acts independently of the actions of the others.

From the attached graph and the information given,

Long Run Equilibrium > Efficient ScaleIt is also TRUE to state that the market for jackets has excess capacity;

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Full Question:

Because this market is a monopolistically competitive market, you can tell that it is in long-run equilibrium by the fact that [P>ATC/ MR > MC/ P = ATC/ MR = MC] at the optimal quantity for each firm. Furthermore, the quantity the firm produces in long-run equilibrium is​ [equal to/ greater than/ less than] the efficient scale.

True or False: This indicates that there is excess capacity in the market for jackets.

Monopolistic competition may also be socially inefficient because there are too many or too few firms in the market. The presence of the [product variety/ business-stealing] externality implies that there is too little entry of new firms in the market.

Do you think that credit policy decisions are made more on the basis of numerical analyses or on subjective judgment


A process of accepting or denying credit based on the lender's discretion rather than on a specific credit score model is known as subjective credit analysis

Basis of numerical analyses or on subjective judgment?

Using past interactions with applicants who are similar to the borrower, judgment is used in the credit analysis to assess the borrower's application and determine credit approval. This method for determining approvals does not use any algorithms or empirical methods. Credit policy decisions are made more on the basis of numerical analyses or on subjective judgment. Smaller banks are the main users of subjective credit analysis. Smaller banks use judgmental credit analysis because it is more cost-effective for them to do so than it is for larger banks to develop credit scoring systems or hire a third party to establish credit scores. Large banks frequently have more automated credit processes because of the volume of applications they receive. The judgmental credit analysis is distinct in its methodology and is founded on conventional credit analysis standards, including payment history, bank references, age, and other factors. The credit issuer employs an overall credit score that is calculated by scoring and weighting certain factors.

The majority of people are more familiar with the idea of a credit score and most frequently link it with the FICO or the Fair Isaac Corporation, which developed the most widely used credit score model, even though judgmental credit analysis works well for smaller banks. Larger banks and lenders use a credit score methodology that gauges a consumer's creditworthiness using a statistical number. Lenders then use credit ratings to determine the likelihood that a borrower would pay back their loans.

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What type of international risk exposure measures the change in present value of a firm resulting from changes in future operating cash flows caused by any unexpected change in exchange rates


The answer is operating exposure.

Operating exposure relates to how exchange rate changes might affect a firm's future cash flows and, as a result, its value. Cash flows might be contractual or expected. The concept of an exposure without contracted cash flows might be difficult to understand.

The operating vulnerability of a corporation is largely driven by two factors: Are the marketplaces in which the corporation obtains its inputs and sells its goods competitive or monopolistic? Operating risk is increased when a company's input costs or product pricing are affected by currency volatility.

Therefore, the answer is operating exposure.

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Setting up automatic account transfers is the easiest way to build your savings for your emergency fund or large purchases.

a. True
b. False


The statement, setting up automatic account transfers is the easiest way to build your savings for your emergency fund or large purchases, is true.

Automatic account transfers is the easiest process which lets your savings grow unattended. If you schedule the transfer around the time that your earnings arrive, the money for savings never really mixes with your spending funds.

Over time, you may also get used to living on that smaller amount too, making it easier to let your savings build. Thus, this saves your money for emergency fund or large purchases.

Hence, setting up automatic account transfers is the easiest way to build your savings for your emergency fund or large purchases.

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Which marketing era refers to the time period from our country's first settlers through the early 1900s?


Production era; refers to the time period from our country's first settlers through the early 1900s. (1860-1930) Due to the scarcity of products, consumers made do with whatever was produced.

More about the Production era:

The Industrial Revolution marked the start of the production era. Products were mass-produced and affordably priced. Businesses often only made one product at a time. Businesses also had the attitude that "if created, someone would buy" at this time, which increased profitability. Businesses could sell everything they made given the prevailing market.

The period from the end of the American Civil War and the 1920s, when reducing production costs was the top priority for many businesses. The emphasis on customers, service, and profit defined the marketing concept era.

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May the landscaper assert and maintain a counterclaim against the homeowner for breach of contract, seeking the $30,000 due under the landscape contract?


No the landscaper cannot make the claim under the landscaping contract as the court does not have subject matter jurisdiction. A landscaping contract, also known as a landscaping services contract, is a legally binding agreement between a landscaping contractor and a client.

The agreement specifies payment terms, contact information for each party, types of services provided, and how to resolve legal disputes. It is common practice to require clients to sign a landscaping contract. When both parties sign a landscaping contract, it is legally binding and represents a shared understanding. A landscaping contract must contain several essential elements in order to be enforceable and get claim.

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There are many account representatives who can help you with your order is an example of a cliche.
a. true
b. false


The statement"There are many account representatives who can help you with your order is an example of a cliche." is FALSE. This is further explained below.

What are account representatives?

Generally, A professional who typically works on teams that are responsible for providing customer support and creating relationships is known as an Account Representative. They bring in revenue through establishing new customer connections and fostering those that are already in existence. They collaborate with clients on an as-needed basis throughout each step of the development process.

In conclusion, The convenience factor is one of the many benefits that listeners may get from podcasting as a form of advertising.

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The inventory valuation method that identifies the invoice cost of each item in ending inventory to determine the cost assigned to that inventory is the: Group of answer choices First-in, first-out method. Weighted average inventory method. Specific identification method. Last-in, first-out method. Cost accounting method.


First-in, first-out method

it is the inventory valuation method that identifies the invoice cost of each item in ending inventory to determine the cost assigned to that inventory

What is First in first out method ?

The first in, first out (FIFO) method of inventory valuation is a cost flow assumption that the first goods purchased are also the first goods sold.

In most companies, this assumption closely matches the actual flow of goods, and so is considered the most theoretically correct inventory valuation method.

Imagine if a company purchased 100 items for $10 each, then later purchased 100 more items for $15 each. Then, the company sold 60 items. Under the FIFO method, the cost of goods sold for each of the 60 items is $10/unit because the first goods purchased are the first goods sold.

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The negotiated labor-management agreement that clarifies the terms and conditions under which management and a union will operate for a specified period is also known as a(n) .


Union security clause is the negotiated labor-management agreement that clarifies the terms and conditions.

What is the Union security clause?

This is the clause that is used in collective bargaining to enforce certain rules.

The clause has it that if an employee does not belong to a particular bargaining unit, then they can be excluded.

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Molly has a $2500 down payment saved for this purchase. Molly assumes the $1500 cash allowance will come straight off her total. How much loan does molly need?.


The Loan needed by Molly is $21,495

Based on the information given molly is going to pay the exact MSRP of $25,495 and Cash Allowance of $1,500

Now, let determine How much loan does Molly need:

Using this formula,

Loan needed =MSRP amount- Down Payment-Cash allowance


MSRP amount=$25,495

Down payment=$2,500

Cash allowance=$1,500

Let plug in the formula:

Loan needed=$25,495-$2,500-$1,500

Loan needed=$21,495

In conclusion, The Loan needed by Molly is $21,495.

What Is the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)?

The price a product's manufacturer advises it to be sold for at the point of sale is called the manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP). Some retailers also use the term "list price" to refer to the MSRP. An MSRP can be assigned to any retail item, even though they are most usually associated with cars. There is also an MSRP for other expensive items like electronics and appliances.

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China decides to build an aircraft carrier. what is the opportunity cost of the aircraft carrier?


The opportunity cost of the aircraft carrier is the cost of the next best option China forgoes in order to build the aircraft carrier.

What is the opportunity cost?

Opportunity cost of the next best option forgone when one alternative is chosen over other alternatives. Opportunity cost is also known as implicit cost. Opportunity cost is used in calculating implicit cost.

For example, if in deciding to build the aircraft carrier, China forgoes the opportunity to repair all the roads in china. Repairing all the roads in China is the opportunity cost.

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A(n) ______ is able to maintain an economic profit in the long run because there are no new entrants to increase supply, drive down price, and eliminate economic profit.


A pure monopolist is able to maintain an economic profit in the long run because there are no new entrants to increase supply, drive down price, and eliminate economic profit.

Who is a pure monopolist?

This is the structure of the market that is known to exist where there is a single producer in the market.

The monopolist is known to be the pace setter and he has a huge control of the market since he is the sole producer.

The pure monopolist is known to enjoy abnormal profit in the market given that he is the only company that produces the product.

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Below is the simple process model. What development activity would you choose to add first to this process and why?


In the given Simple Model, I would like to add Requirements Gathering and Analysis after the Problem Statement. Because we know the problem description and we need to derive the requirements using the given data.

What exactly does "process modeling" mean?

Business processes or workflows are represented graphically in process modeling. Similar to a flow chart, each stage of the process is broken down so that a complete picture of the tasks involved in it within the context of the business environment is available.

A process model enables business processes to be visualized, helping firms better understand their internal business processes and manage and improve them. This is typically a flexible exercise for ongoing development.

What advantages does process modeling have?

Business processes are given a visual representation through the process modeling method, making it easier for users to analyze them and determine how they might be improved. Process modeling also has additional advantages, such as:

Increased effectivenessGain transparencyEnsure best practicesDevelop comprehensionBusiness orchestration.

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In a bilateral monopoly, how are wages and level of employment determined compared to the competitive labor market case?


Bilateral monopolies determine wages and level of employment when compared to the competitive labor market, in an indeterminate manner.

What is an indeterminate wage level policy?

This refers to the fact that the wages in a bilateral monopoly have no set way of being determined because the factors affecting employment can change based on the goods being produced.

Some goods will lead to wages and level of employment being quite competitive like the competitive labor market, while others will lead to low levels of competition which would lead to higher wages.

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Write a testable question that could be used to further investigate the topic of using the fossil record to identify changes in life on earth. Buyer sarah is purchasing a residential property. she plans to live in the home and operate a daycare business out of it. having mentioned this to her agent, the agent should? TRUE OR FALSE: No matter the population distribution from which a sample of size n is taken, we can use the normal distribution to approximate the distribution of the sample mean as long as n is large enough. The field of social psychology studies topics at the intrapersonal level. These topics include ________. The field of social psychology studies topics at the intrapersonal level. These topics include ________. prejudice and discrimination, helping behavior, aggression, and group processes ethnographies, case studies, archives, and statistics emotions and attitudes, the self, and social cognition society and social interaction, families, ecology, and religion Boys receive ______ gender socialization than girls do. multiple choice question. Two boys with masses of 40 kg and 60 kg stand on a horizontal frictionless surface holding the ends of a light 10-m long rod. The boys pull themselves together along the rod. When they meet the 40-kg boy will have moved what distance?. Listen to the audio and then answer the following question. Feel free to listen to the audio as many times as necessarybefore answering the question.What's the weather like in Cancn during August?0:00/0:09Hace mucho sol.Hace mucho fro.Hace buen tiempo.Llueve mucho. Critical listening involves assessing the speaker's values and intent as well as __________. Rule 1: Students can decide for themselves whether to do their homework in study hall.Rule 2: Students dont have to do homework in study hall if they have at least a B average.Rule 3: Students who do their homework in study hall (or complete it) will get a vending machine credit in the lunchroom. Rule 4: Students who do not do their homework in study hall will get detention.Create a pro/con list for each rule in the chart below: Kristina wants to invest $6200 in a savings account that pays 7.6% simple interest. How long will it take for this investment to double in value? Round your answer to the nearest tenth. A 31-year-old female is experiencing an acute asthma attack. She is conscious and alert, but in obvious respiratory distress. After assisting her with her prescribed mdi, you should? A graph with vertical axis Energy Unit and horizontal axis Amplitude Unit. A line goes in straight segments from 1 16 to 2 9 to 4 1.Tara prepared a report to show how the amplitude of waves affects the energy of waves. Is her graphical representation correct? Why or why not? If a monopolist is producing a quantity where marginal revenue is equal to $32 and the marginal cost is equal to $30, the monopolist should ________ to maximize profits. In 2009, the national center for statistics and analysis estimates alcohol was involved in _____ of fatal crashes. In an experiment conducted by Festinger and Carlsmith (1959), participants had to perform a boring task and were paid either $1 or $20 to tell the next participant that the task was interesting. The results of the experiment demonstrated that __________. Which of the following forms of energy is correctly paired with its definition?Choose 1 answer:A Potential energy - the energy associated with an object's motionBKinetic energy - the stored energy of an object due to its positionChemical energy - the energy contained within a system that isresponsible for its temperatureThermal energy - the energy in a system due to its temperature 4.8% complete this is a single choice question; skip ahead to question content a b c d confirm difficulty level: moderate an intruder monitors an admin's unsecure connection to a server and finds some required data, like a cookie file, that legitimately establishes a session with a web server. what type of attack can the intruder perform with the cookie file? Hannah attended the televised wedding of the popular prince, which was the most momentous event of the year. i dont know how to do this Which could be the missing data item for the given set of data if the median of the complete data set is 14?10 11 10 19 16 14 12 12 15 11 18 19 A. 10 B. 11 C. 12 D. 18

Diversification Reduces The Risk Of A Portfolio Because? (2024)
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