Dublin Dental University Hospital (DDUH) Dental Hygiene Tutor- Full Time, 12 month, Specified Purpose Contract (2024)

Dublin Dental University Hospital (DDUH)

Dental Hygiene Tutor- Full Time, 12 months, Specified Purpose Contract

The Dublin Dental University Hospital is seeking to recruit for the role of Dental Hygiene Tutor. The appointment is for aFull Time,12 months, Specified-Purpose Contract and the expected start date is approximately September 2024. A potential job share contract may be considered for this position.

Tutor Qualifications, Experience & Person Specification:

Candidates must have:

  • A higher degree and/or equivalent professional qualification of Dental Hygienist.
  • Registration with the Dental Council of Ireland.
  • Post qualification experience in a variety of clinical dental settings.
  • Dental Hygiene teaching and assessment experience in a clinical and classroom setting.
  • A high degree of commitment, professionalism and dedication to the provision of high quality education.
  • Strong leadership, management and communication skills.
  • An ability to work effectively as part of an interdisciplinary clinical and education team.
  • A common sense approach to decision-making and problem solving.
  • A high capacity for responsibility, self-motivation and individual initiative that will ultimately contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of both the school and hospital.
  • An approach that is flexible and open to change and an ability to lead and support others in a changing environment.
  • An ability to foster a learning culture amongst staff and colleagues to drive continuous improvement in services to patients and students.
  • Demonstrate adaptability to rapid changes taking place in the Hospital, educational and health services in general.
  • Demonstrate a patient- and student-focused approach for learning and clinical care.
  • Intermediate to Advanced IT Skills, proficiency in MS Office (Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint) for email, internet research purposes and preparation of presentation materials.


The position reports to and is accountable to the Head of Division of Restorative Dentistry and Periodontology or by any other authorised officer that the responsibility is delegated.

Outline of Duties and Responsibilities

The role of theDental Hygiene Tutorincludes but is not limited to:

  • Participate in the planning and development of the undergraduate programme in dental hygiene.
  • Organising and providing lectures, seminars and tutorials for the Dental Hygiene Programme modules in consultation with the Head of Division and Director of UG Teaching and Learning.
  • Completing laboratory training and supervision for the Diploma in Dental Hygiene as required.
  • Completing all associated administrative duties related to teaching the Dental Hygiene programme.
  • Supporting and assisting the Dental Nurse tutor(s) in the organisation and delivery of courses in Dental radiography.
  • Taking an innovative approach to the adoption, utilisation and maintenance of a variety of teaching methods and mediums to meet the learning needs of the students.
  • Liaising with the Head of Division, other Dental Hygienist Tutors, Director of UG Teaching & Learning academic, administrative and clinical colleagues in order to provide a high standard of education, both didactic and practical.
  • Developing, supervising and correcting examinations within the Dental Hygiene programme.
  • Maintaining absence and attendance records and providing reports and assessments on completion of each module of the course.
  • Fieldwork at external units, both clinical practice and health promotion.
  • Participating in the organising and executing of continuing professional development programmes aimed at both student and qualified dental hygienists.
  • Providing tutorial assistance to individual students when necessary.
  • Development of communication and general health promotion skills.
  • Promoting an evidence-based ethos in Dental Hygiene.
  • Devising, implementing and executing evaluation and quality assurance methods and measures for the Dental Hygiene Diploma Programme in line with best practice.
  • Attend working groups and committees of the organisation as required.
  • Represent the organisation at meetings with external agencies/bodies/groups as required.
  • Any other duties as deemed appropriate by the Head of Division.

The successful applicant will be required to maintain, enhance and develop their knowledge, skills and aptitudes necessary to respond to any change in delivery of services. Therefore, this job advert is an outline of the current broad areas of responsibility and accountability and should not be regarded as a comprehensive listing. It will be reviewed and updated in line with future needs.

Particulars of Office

  • The appointment is subject to a successful pre-employment medical assessment, Garda Vetting if required, satisfactory references etc. being obtained with your prior consent.
  • DDUH will not be liable for travelling or other expenses incurred by candidates who may be invited to attend for interview.

Forenquiries please contact HR Administrator, Holly Sheridan via email at: holly.sheridan@dental.tcd.ie or Prof. Lewis Winning via email at: Lewis.Winning@dental.tcd.ie

Interested applicants must submit their CV, Cover Letter and answer a number of questions via our recruitment platform HireHive along with detailing at least two referees. Please apply via the following link: DENTAL HYGIENE TUTOR LINK

Closing date for applications is: Friday 26th of July 2024 at noon

Start date of role from approx. September 2024

Late applications will not be accepted. Shortlisting and in person interviews will take place shortly after the closing date. Details to follow.

Please note: all job offers are subject to references, Garda Vetting, pre-employment medical etc.

Dublin Dental University Hospital is an equal opportunities employer.

Dublin Dental University Hospital (DDUH)  Dental Hygiene Tutor- Full Time, 12 month, Specified Purpose Contract (2024)
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