Goat Meat Recipes You Have To Try (2024)

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If you've never cooked with goat meat before, it's high time! From curry to kebabs, from Jamaica to Mongolia, this diverse list of must-try goat recipes from around the world is a great place to start!


A few weeks ago, I started taking advantage of the amazing online pre-order system offered by the farmer's market of our closest small city. It works out really well, because the pickup times happen to coincide with my daughter's violin lesson right nearby. I love it when these little logistical miracles happen.

One thing I love about this particular farmer's market is that it offers some foods I don't tend to see in the other rural Maine markets, and that's no surprise since this quirky little city is home to a gloriously diverse population.

In fact, over the last decade, an influx of refugees and asylum seekers has absolutely revitalized what used to be a depressing (and by every metric, dying) old mill town.

There's a particularly vibrant Somali population. Some of my favorite vendors at the market are families who grew up farming in Africa, and now farm here in Maine. It makes my soul sing a little bit when we visit their colorful booth and my kids and I get welcomed like long-lost relatives.

Among the less-common offerings of this multi-ethnic market, is goat meat.

Y'all, I have never in my life cooked goat meat. In fact, I've only tasted it once--in an an Ethiopian restaurant in New York.

But that one taste was enough to make me realize that goat meat is something that we're really missing out on here in the US.

Now that I have a reliable source of ethically-raised, pastured goat meat, I'm on a mission to do it justice by learning to cook some classic goat meat recipes from around the world.

What follows is my personal top-10 list of recipes that I want to cook my way through this year. Want to join me?

10 must-try goat recipes from around the world


This recipe from Nicole at End of the Fork really jumped out to me, because it looks EXACTLY like the goat meat dish I had that one time in New York, and has been hovering in my memory like a delicious dream ever since. Zigni is a delicious spicy & aromatic stew made with berbere seasoning.

Try this recipe!

Sfakiano Goat Yiahni

I have a real weakness for anything with the flavors of Greece, so this recipe really called to me. Plus, how perfectly succulent does that meat look? This simple and flavorful goat dish orginates from the Sfakia region of Crete.

Get the recipe here!

Indian Style Goat Curry

I think I'm going to declare a "goat curry" month, and try a curry recipe from a different region of the world every week. This goat curry is an Indian style dish with pieces goat in a fragrant sauce that includes mint and cardamom!

Get the full curry recipe here!

Jamaican Goat Curry

Next in the curry lineup is one from Jamaica! This one is a hearty, savory goat and potato curry recipe that includes lots of bold, delicious spices including coriander, ginger, and paprika. Enjoy Jamaican-style curried goat with rice and peas for a complete and satisfying meal!

Check out the recipe here!

Kambing Rendang (Indonesian mutton/goat curry)

Ok, if you only click through one recipe in this list, make it be this one. The photos alone are enough to make you want to jump on a plane to Jakarta! This recipe from Oh Sweet Citrus looks AMAZING.

Learn to make Indonesian goat curry here!

Goat Kofta Kabob (Kebab) Recipe

I have never tried a recipe from Hilda, over at Hilda's Kitchen Blog, that I didn't absolutely love. I have a hunch we're all going to feel the same way about thisGoat Kofta Kabob recipe, which uses tender goat meat that’s perfectly seasoned with Middle Eastern spices and is charred over an open flame.

Get the Kabob recipe here!


If you've ever wanted to try cooking using flaming hot stones, THIS is the recipe to try! We are in homeschool project territory here. Khorkhog is the real Mongolian BBQ. It consists of goat cooked in large metal containers with vegetables and hot stones.

Learn to make Khorkhog here!

Citrus-cured goat salad (tai de)

This is another recipe you're going to want to click through to, JUST for the scenery! The setting of the video for this recipe is stunning. This beautiful and fragrant goat salad recipe comes from Vietnam, and I can't wait to try it.

Learn to make Tai De

Grilled Goat Chops with Galangal & Lemongrass (De Nuong Rieng Xa)

Another Vietnamese dish, these goat chops are marinated with a lemongrass and galangal mixture that imparts a wonderful flavor before the chops are quickly grilled. I think this is going to be the first recipe I make once I get out the grill this spring!

Get the recipe here!

Instant Pot Goat (Mutton)Biryani

We've been reading the delightful little novel, Book Uncle and Me, this week. It's set in India and because of it, I've been wanting to try making Biryani--but honestly couldn't imagine making the time for it. THIS delectable Biryani recipe hoewever, is made weeknight-easy by enlisting the help of an Instant Pot. I can't wait to try it!

Check it out here

Don't these goat meat recipes all look amazing? I think I'm going to start with that Jamaican goat curry from A Spicy Perspective, while I wait for my order of spices to come in at the local food co-op, so I can try some of the others. Living in Maine, things like galangal can be elusive to find on the grocery store shelves!

How about you? What recipe would you be most excited to try? Do you have a favorite goat meat recipe to share? I'd love to hear about it in the comments!

Happy cooking!

Anna Chesley

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