JCPenney Salon - Aurora, CO 80012 - Services and Reviews (2024)

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JCPenney Salon - Aurora, CO 80012 - Services and Reviews (1)

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Sunday11 AM–6 PM
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Hair coloring
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Curbside Pickup
Custom Design
Face Masks
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Address: 14200 E Alameda Ave, Aurora, CO 80012

Phone: (303) 344-9901


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Criss P

Sorry for the long review but Oh my did I have the worst experience. I have 2 teens, 2 kids, and a toddler. Well I’m a timid person and I don’t like confrontation and this place just had me in the most uncomfortable and heart breaking feeling ever. Walking in I was attended by this older lady, (she had an accent) but she didn’t give me her name. She was getting my info since it was my first time. Then my daughter comes pushing my toddler in the salon right before sitting on the chair. The lady yelled at my daughter and asked me to remove my kid because carts are for shopping. I said no ofcourse because then my kid would be grabbing things so it’s safer he be in the cart. Then me and my other daughter sat in the chairs and start getting our hair washed. An ambulance is outside so courteously my kids look out the window. Well the lady snaps and start yelling at the kids saying they need to be away from the window. She is already cutting my kids hair at this point and well I didn’t want to leave with the hair half way chopped off. So I tell my kiddos to stay seated and she continues with the cut. Then she sees my daughter standing next to the shampoo stand and yells to step away and has another lady go to make sure my kids don’t touch anything and the lady said the kids fine and they are just talking. When its time to pay, my middle child (who has her own money) asked her brother (oldest teen) if she can buy a nail polish and he nods yes. (Mind you I’m paying so I didn’t see this interaction). While I’m waiting for the total I’m trying to give the lady my number for rewards and she stops me half way to yell again at my daughter for touching the polish saying to not grab them because she’s going to mix up her colors. So I turn and nicely ask her to just not touch anything ( I just wanna pay and leave at this point). I try to give my number again for rewards again and she wouldn’t take it. Then I try to use my coupon for new client at salon and she said no coupons because my balance wasn’t that high. (It was $57) Then I wanted to use my jc penny card and she said I couldn’t and that I had to pay with a regular debit. When i swipe the card she stares down and says “you know asking for tip.” Seriously Its no wonder I would never see people there. I’m will never go back.

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Jennifer Jamieson

Cyndy did a fantastic job with my naturally curly hair! I just moved here so I brought in a picture and told her how I like my hair done and it turned out just the way I wanted it! Thanks Cyndy!

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I don’t have a problem with the service, once you get ahold of someone I believe they get the job done. Problem is they never answer the phone. If I want an appointment I will call at least a dozen times throughout the day and hope someone answers. If you leave a message then who knows when someone will call you back. I understand they might be short staffed or busy, but they need to do better at answering the phones. Get a cordless or something to keep in the back with the personnel. On the other hand, I call the northfield location and have no problem reaching someone every time.

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Literally the worst haircut I’ve ever gotten. Regardless of showing Pat pictures she gave me what SHE wanted and not what I asked. I booked an appointment with her for her experience but that means nothing if I’m unwilling to get what I want.

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Diana Roman

Speaking from a $140 experience: Do not cut or color your hair here. Had to go buy boxed and color the orange hair the stylist left me with. Hair cut? She struggled SO much giving me a simple trim. Didn’t give me a blow dry even though it was included in the services. Still shocked she let me walk out with such hideous hair. They also make you sign a release when they color your hair.

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Whitney Serra

I wish I could give ten stars. From the receptionist up front to the hair technicians in the back, this salon works absolutely to perfection. The quality of service here is without a doubt professional and friendly. Been here twice now and each time leave with a smile on my face. Would reccomend to anyone.

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Gary Becker

I always get great service and friendly staff

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Jamie G

Isabel always does a fantastic job. You also can’t beat the prices

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Renee Freeman

Professional, friendly, knowledgeable! My hair is fabulous! I got color this time! I love it!

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Angela Thomas

PAIGE… amazing. On time, professional and knows her stuff. My hair was healthy, shinny and very stylish

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JCPenney Salon - Aurora, CO 80012 - Services and Reviews (2024)
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