Who Is Kat Timpf's Husband? All About Cameron Friscia (2024)

Kat Timpf married her husband, Cameron Friscia, in 2021

Who Is Kat Timpf's Husband? All About Cameron Friscia (1)

Kat Timpf didn’t believe in marriage until she met Cameron Friscia.

The pair wed in a small, intimate wedding ceremony in May 2021. The Fox News personality announced the news on Instagram, writing, “Remarkable but true,” alongside a photo of her and Friscia moments after saying, "I do."

According to Timpf, their wedding day was both surprising and unique. “There was an element of shock, even for me, that this was truly happening,” she told PEOPLE.

Before meeting Friscia, Timpf didn’t think she would get married or have children. She certainly wasn’t looking for a serious relationship. “I was pretty full-on against it — and kind of questioning whether or not I even believed in monogamy at all,” she shared.

However, all that changed when she fell in love. “He has changed me for the better and it's the best feeling in the world,” she explained, adding that she’s open to starting a family down the road.

So who is Kat Timpf’s husband? Here’s everything to know about Cameron Friscia and his relationship with the political commentator.

He’s a military veteran

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Unlike his wife, Friscia stays relatively low-key, so not much is known about him. However, his veteran status has been established.

Friscia is a former Army Ranger who served in Afghanistan. On Veterans Day in 2021, Timpf gave him a sweet shout-out on Instagram. “Everyone plz take a moment to thank @camfrish for his service,” she wrote alongside a photo of Friscia in combat fatigues.

According to his LinkedIn page, Friscia also has a master’s degree from Indiana University and is currently an investment banker.

They met on Raya

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Timpf and Friscia first met online, via the dating app Raya, although it’s not entirely clear when.

Initially, Timpf was hesitant about dating the Army vet. Speaking to PEOPLE, she explained that her first impression of Friscia was that he “seemed so clean-cut” compared to men she’d dated in the past, and she wasn’t sure if they would be a good fit.

During an interview with Bill Maher on his podcast, Club Random, Timpf elaborated more, saying, “He works in finance, he’s from a great family, he went to boarding school.”

Although that wasn’t her usual type, she gave him a chance and the pair hit it off immediately. “He’s just the right guy,” she said. “He’s very cool, he’s very secure in himself.”

In 2022, she shared a birthday post for him on Instagram referring to how she initially misjudged him. “I never thought a finance bro could be so loving, giving, patient & understanding, but u prove me wrong every day,” she wrote.

Timpf announced their engagement in 2020

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While Timpf hasn't disclosed when she and Friscia started dating, she confirmed her engagement status in August 2020 during an appearance on The Greg Gutfeld Show.

After showing the camera a diamond ring on her fourth finger, she tells Gutfeld that it is, indeed, an engagement ring.

Following the exchange, Timpf shared a clip of the moment on Instagram with the caption, “Hell froze over.”

They married in 2021

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Timpf and Friscia tied the knot on May 1, 2021, in a small ceremony officiated by Fox News contributor and host of Kennedy, Lisa Kennedy Montgomery.

Speaking to PEOPLE about the nuptials, witnessed by about 30 guests, Timpf called being married “the best feeling in the world.”

She chose to walk down the aisle to “I Wanna Grow Old With You,” Adam Sandler’s song from The Wedding Singer. The bride wore a sleeveless lace gown from Kleinfeld and opted to leave her signature glasses off for most of the day.

Timpf announced the news on social media and later shared several wedding photos. In one heartfelt Instagram post, the libertarian commentator shared that her dad’s girlfriend gave her a sentimental gift after the wedding rehearsal.

“It was a bouquet charm with a picture of my mom so she could be with me down the aisle,” she wrote. Timpf, whose mother died in 2014, went on to explain that she was “overwhelmed by the gesture” and called the token “such a great reminder that sweet moments can still exist that are associated with people who are gone.”

They have two pets

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Timpf and Friscia live in New York with their two pets, Carl and Cheens. She’s had her cat, Cheens, for 13 years, but the duo adopted their dog, Carl, together.

In March 2020, Timpf shared the news of their new addition to the family with a humorous Instagram post.

“Welcome to the world, Carl! The wait is finally over, and we were so excited to finally meet our little bundle of joy at 12:01pm this afternoon,” she wrote alongside a photo of her and Friscia with their puppy. “Both mommy and baby are feeling well 🥰.”

On social media, Timpf frequently shares photos of Cheens and Carl. The two animals were also featured in her and Friscia’s wedding as ring bearers.

He’s changed her views on marriage and family

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Prior to meeting Friscia, Timpf wasn’t interested in being anyone’s wife.

In an interview with fellow Fox News contributor Guy Benson, she explained that she didn’t want to get married and wasn’t in search of a serious relationship. “I’m independent and I like to do my own thing,” she said.

However, her feelings about marriage and family changed after she met Friscia.

“When I fell in love with Cam, though, I realized how wrong I was,” she told PEOPLE. “I felt more free than I ever have in my entire life. Knowing that I have his support and love, I am more fully myself."

“I have less anxiety about things than I used to, too, because I know there is nothing that could ever be a match for the team that we are together,” she continued. “I feel so safe, but I'm also shocked to find that the safety isn't boring. I am having the time of my life with him.”

She went on to say that her thoughts on starting a family have started to evolve as well. “I never, ever wanted kids, nor did I understand why anyone ever would,” she said. “But now, being with him, I feel like I could have his kids, so we will maybe probably do that in a few years.”

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Who Is Kat Timpf's Husband? All About Cameron Friscia (2024)
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