Ambien – treat insomnia and their effects

Ambien is the highly prescribed medicine that’s why you should take medicine after taking the doctor’s recommendation. It belongs to the name of the drug which name is zolpidem. The medication is used to treat insomnia and other sleeping disorder if you have.

Here you learn about the uses, side effects, some safety measures which is beneficial for you to get relief from the sleeping problem.


  • Uses of ambien


First, we are going to discuss the uses of ambien. It is the prescribed drug which directly affects the function of your brain. It works to calm down your brain and get proper sleep and treat your insomnia.

Ambien is a safe and effective drug if you take under your professional health care.


  • The dosage of the medicine


If you want to get a better and effective result from the medication, then you should take the prescribed dosage of the medication. Don’t take more or less than that. Otherwise, it may be harmful to you. Your dosage of the medication depends on several factors:-

  • your age
  • the severity of your condition
  • other medical conditions
  • a dose form of the medicine

First your doctor these factors and after that, they adjust your dosage which is best for you. In the beginning, they start your medicine from the low dosage because you and your doctor should know that how will you respond regarding ambien.


  • Who should not take ambien?


There are several people who should not take the medication due to their medical conditions. You have to know about those conditions otherwise you have to face some side effects of the medicine.


Those people are:-

  • depressed
  • having a mental illness
  • severe kidney and liver disease
  • misuse and abuse the alcohol and other drugs

If you have any condition, then you should not take the ambien. If you require taking, then you have to discuss with your doctor about their safety measures.


  • Common side effects


As we all know that there are have some side effects of any drug as like that ambien also have some common side effects.

That is:-

  • a headache
  • sleepiness
  • dizziness
  • constipation
  • back pain
  • allergic reactions
  • dry mouth
  • depression and irregular heartbeat

These are the most common side effects of the medication which are invisible after sometime. If it is not so, then you should contact your doctor and ask for the prevention.